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Sometimes its Not the ‘Hacks and Haters;’ It’s You

It’s something that’d likely get you expelled from most major colleges and universities in America, few if any questions asked. It’s something that scuttled our current VEEP from running for President back in the 80s. Suffice to say, plagiarism is a serious offense. Plagiarism is regarded in our culture as worse than a trivial breach […]

Using Tactics from Sun Tzu’s Art of War to Loose Weight

I’ve long been a fan of Sun Tzu’s centuries-old military treatise, The Art of War. Hell, I was a fan before it was cool, and the hip “new” advice given to aspiring titans of business, law, and politics.  I learned of the text while studying politics in college, and throughout my career anytime I had […]

Please Support me in this year’s AIDS Walk Philly- October 20

If you are not planning on walking yourself, please support me by donating to the AIDS FUND. I’m getting an extremely late start on fundraising for this year’s AIDS Walk Philly, but just like the past 6 years, I am planning on walking this coming Sunday among thousands of others from across the region to support […]

The Power of Relationship

I titled this post The Power of Relationship, but I could just have easily titled it Why I’ve Neglected my Writing and This Blog.  For over the past month and during the Christmas Holiday, I’ve spent my time and energies focused on family and friends and growing relationships with those in my life I’ve come […]